3 Kommentare zu “07-EGR_2592

  1. Dziękuję, portret piękny, ale jest jeszcze lepszy, en face, z takim błyskiem w oku, że Biedroń padłby martwy na jego widok. Ale już się nie trudź, bardzo Ci dziękuję. Ilustracje pierwsza klasa.


  2. Some people in other countries don’t even have shoes nor clothes for every day life.There are a lot more important things in life than just looking good or hipster-like.People try too hard to be different when they really look like everyone else.There are better things to improve on, such as virtue and character.


  3. , the title graphic looks a bit blurry. Other than that, it really suits your site. I’m glad your hotsemaues are so nice. And lol about that woman who asked if your parents were home. If I were you I’d have done the same!


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